Springform Technology the pocket spring machinery manufacturer for the 21st century

High Speed, Total Flexibility, Total Manufacture. Total integrated plant for the production of pocket mattress innersprings. Springform Technology started out in 1997, driven by a need to develop a range of high speed, versatile machines to produce and assemble pocket spring interiors to a very wide range of customer specifications, but whilst drastically reducing the downtime incurred by frequent changeovers. This was a key stage in achieving a lean manufacturing environment and giving a competitive edge to Springform’s customers.

Competitive Advantage

A user of Springform machinery has the advantage of ultra-high output, not just because of our processing speed in springs per minute, but also because of the higher up-time that results from fast changeovers...


Support is based on the years of experience of our technicians who are always available by telephone or by site visit if necessary, this can be underpinned with Internet connectivity.