Competitive Advantage

A user of Springform machinery has the advantage of ultra-high output, not just because of our processing speed in springs per minute, but also because of the higher up-time that results from fast changeovers.

Because changeovers are so fast, then there is less need to produce large batches, so the Springform customer becomes leaner, with all the benefits that brings.

The smart manufacturing cell of 4 coilers and 1 VGA (or 3 coilers and 1 FVGA) is a totally integrated resource, taking in raw materials and producing completed innersprings (with or without top and bottom fabric attachment). – No work in progress, no over-runs and no hidden quality issues. Our patented heat-treatment process improves spring resilience, enables wire savings to be made and does not increase setting time. The contra-rotating coils produced by our DDBHT coilers lead to improved support and appearance. Our zoning options are second to none – if you can think of it our assemblers can probably do it!

Because of their inherent flexibility, Springform’s machines also allow rapid prototyping of new designs, not only of innerspring design, but also of actual spring.

We are constantly developing and have recently added 2 new products to our range. We have introduced a low-height high speed coiler going down to 35 mm in height and the innovative “Twin-Up” coiler that can put 2 different springs into the same pocket, one above the other. – See more information in our products/coilers/download area.