Assembly Machines

Springform produce a range of machines to assemble pocket springs into mattress interiors:-

Sewn Interiors

Traditionally pocket springs have been sewn together, usually by hand. Springform’s Centre Tie machines automate this process. By having an array of fixed needles and pushing pre-cut rows of springs onto them, the thread position is self-centreing. Springs are nested together and spring counts can be up to 2000 in a 2m x1.5m (5’ x 6’6”).

Glued Interiors

Here Springform offer 4 options, each of which can produce parallel, nested and zoned units in 1, 2 or 3 gauges of wire, with single, double or triple lines of adhesive (and more if necessary), with or without top and bottom fabric attachment:-

The VGA  combining high volume with spring count flexibility and much more.

The FVGA with all the power and versatility of the VGA, but with the option of fabric attachment too.

The semi-automatic GA for lesser volume production, but with total spring count flexibility.

The semi-automatic FGA – like the GA but with the fabric attachment option (Upgradable to FVGA.)


  • VGA
    The fastest machine in our range, a very versatile and very powerful workhorse of a machine. Able to mix springs of different diameters and heights from up to 4 coilers at a rate of over 400 springs per minute. Fully automatic, yet very competitively priced.
  • FVGA
    This machine takes the output from 3 coilers, has all the features and options of the VGA, but with the additional capability of attaching non-woven cloth to the top and bottom surfaces when required.
  • GA and FGA
    An operator feeds this machine with pre-cut strips of springs, and can produce at up to 10 interiors per hour. Simple changes in tooling give this machine the ability to process a range of springs from 48mm up to 75mm in diameter. If fabric attachment is not required, the GA offers the best priced solution and can run at around 240 springs per minute. The FGA offers all that the GA does, but with fabric attachment and the ability for a future upgrade to the fully automatic FVGA version as demand increases.
  • Competitive Advantage
    The smart manufacturing cell of 3 or 4 DB or DDBHT coilers and 1 of our automatic assemblers is a totally integrated resource, taking in raw materials and producing completed innersprings. All our assemblers have a full range to zoning options available.
  • No work in progress
  • No over-runs and
  • No hidden quality issues.


English - Semi Automatic Assembler
VGA Press Release
VGA Automatic Assembler
FVGA Automatic Assembler with Fabric Attachment
FGA Semi Automatic Assembler with Fabric Attachment