By totally re-evaluating the spring coiling process, Springform is able through state-of-the-art technology to control the spring geometry, not by the usual cams and gears, but by the operator directly inputting the spring’s diameter and pitch at key points.

The software then calculates the correct tooling positions that are required as each millimetre of wire is processed. These positions are then sent to the motion control system and the coiler is ready to run. Spring set-up time is therefore reduced to seconds rather than hours, with in-built consistency and the ability to develop new spring shapes in an instant.

Over the years, the machine design has been steadily refined and improved upon, based on our experience in the production environment, initially at our sister company Elson & Robbins and now at our customers’ sites in North America, Mainland Europe, South America, Africa and the UK.) Our machine designs are all patent protected, but offered for sale without royalty agreements or territorial restrictions.

Springform’s coilers now run fully automatically at up to 120 springs per minute. They can be designed to produce a range of spring heights from 8cm up to 25cms, in a range of wire gauges from 1.2mm to 2.1 mm with very little downtime for tooling changes. Our patented, heat treatment process is now a regular option on our machines, with our latest DDBHT coiler having major advantages over our competition.

The heat-treatment process can be retro-fitted to our existing DB coilers.

Two recent developments are our low-height coiler covering the range from 35 mm to 120 mm, with a side weld construction and our “Twin-Up” coiler where 2 springs are placed in each pocket, one on top of the other with a separating weld. – More information is available in the downloads section below.


English - High Speed Heat Treating Spring Coiler
Twin-Up Pocket Spring Coiler
Low-Height Pocket Spring Coiler